Our Team


Thomas Sadowski (Read Tom’s Profile)

Executive Director
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Amy Velich

Director of Bond Financing
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John Genakos

Director of Real Estate Development and Construction
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Steve Cassard

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Jim Miller

Chief Financial Officer
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L. Jay Nocar

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Daniel McCrea

Director of Information Technology
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Michael Stirewalt

Director of Project Compliance
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Shannon Lee

Manager of Operations
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Ruth Johnson

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Fran Brinker

Assistant Director of Bond Financing
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Danielle Wildman

Asset Manager
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Board of Directors

MEDCO’s Board of Directors consists of 12 members, each appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate. MEDCO’s board consists of two ex officio members, the Secretaries of the Maryland Department of Commerce and the Maryland Department of Transportation, two representatives of local government, and three members knowledgeable in real estate or commercial financing, three members knowledgeable in industrial development or industrial relations and two members of the general public.


Mr. Scott Dorsey
President, Merritt Properties, LLC
Term ends June 30, 2024

Vice Chairman

Mr. Rick Woo
Senior Vice President, Revere Bank
Term ends June 30, 2023


Ms. Tehma Hallie Smith, Esq.
Law Office of Tehma H. Smith;
Invested Management, Inc.;
Earth’s Enrichments
Term ends June 30, 2024

Mr. James Hinebaugh Jr.
Member, Board of County Commissioners
Garrett County
Term ends June 30, 2024

Ms. Mary Ann Marbury
Term ends June 30, 2023
Ms. Jessica R. Underwood, Esq
President, JR Capital Build
Term ends June 30, 2026
Mr. J. Michael Cottingham
Rommel USA
Term ends June 30, 2026
Mr. Ed Gosselin
Chesapeake Real Estate Group
Term ends June 30, 2023
Mr. Harry A Shasho
Commercial Real Estate Broker, Shasho Consulting PA Commercial Real Estate
Term ends June 30, 2024
Mr. David G. Yungmann
Councilman, Howard County Council, Owner, The Yungmann Group of Keller Williams
Term ends June 30, 2026

Ex Officio Members

Secretary James F. Ports, Jr.
Maryland Department of Transportation
Secretary R. Michael Gill
Maryland Department of Commerce

*Board Members serve until reappointed or until a successor is appointed.